Kambaku Safari Camp

Adventures in the outback

The Safari Camp is ideally suited to the adventurous and romantic at heart. The bungalow-tents are hidden deep in the wildlife reserve. There, nature will wake you in the mornings and spoil you at night with camp fire romance as only Africa can.

This camp is privacy at its best: only four guests can be accommodated in the two tents. Your guide will be in the background and at your beck and call. He is your cook, your guide by day and your security at night should there be unwelcome guests.


Experience the wilderness

From 15 March to 31 October the camp is open to guests. Allow the Namibian bush savannah to welcome you with some custom-made time-out. Supplement your nights with some thrilling wildlife escapades, or try your hand at bow shooting, ball games or read quietly under an acacia tree. You can also look forward to camp-provided culinary delights as well as daily deliveries of lodge-provided  home-made breads and delicacies.

Just two bungalows with to beds - and some true bush adventures!

As from 2017 we also accommodate riding enthusiasts in the camp. Please check prices and details below.


An experienced Kambaku guide stays with you all the time. He takes care for your wellbeing, delights you with fresh cooking and braai, introduces the wildlife and nature to you, and is your guardian during the night. Your camp holiday includes a diverse wildlife programme with adventures on foot or in our 4x4 safari jeeps.

In case of an emergency: Since there is no public phone in the camp you shall be reachable via the Lodge which is in constant radio contact with the Camp.

Prices Safari Camp

For all guests the packages include all board and lodging as well as the various wildlife programme with your guide. Since there is not cell phone connection available, you will enjoy cost-free wifi in the camp.

Next to wildlife activities, riders will experience one riding adventure a day - depending on your personal camp programme either in the morning or afternoon. The shuttle to our riding facilities is included in the camp prices for riding guests.



As from April 2017 you will be able to book a stay in the Kambaku Safari Camp from two nights onwards. Please check our price list for more information.