Wildlife Management

Commitment to Nature & Species


We wish to lead Kambaku to a healthy future, taking into consideration our guests. For that reason we focus on intensive, sustainable game management. The daily tasks of the game wardens include regular game counts, species lists, monitoring the breeding and resting sites, putting out mineral licks, checking water provision and fences as well as finding and destroying poacher’s traps.

Only by regulating the game population can we ensure healthy animal numbers and protect the vegetation as feeding component while taking into account the climate and soil factors. Therefore, the responsible culling is a tool of selective wildlife management on Kambaku, too.

But Kambaku does not only pay attention to a considerable game management. We are active in a number of areas here, to preserve our natural heritage and invite guests to experience the beauty of our reserve at the same time. If you are interested in our dedication you will find more information about our action and plans here:

Ecosystem management in the Kambaku Game Reserve