Hunting Safaris

Plains game hunting in Namibia

Not only is Kambaku uppermost in Namibian hospitality, we also set the bar in terms of wildlife management. Guests interested in sustainable hunting may gain insight into responsible game keeping at Kambaku while moving about with the professional hunters and game wardens and supporting their endeavours.


Selective game harvesting in the bush savanna

An important part of a professional wildlife management in biodiversity-rich and rainfall-poor areas like our reserve is selective hunting. Only by regulating the game population we can ensure healthy animal numbers and protect the vegetation as feeding component, while taking into account the climate and soil factors.

To keep the game numbers in balance, we reduce the herds in equal numbers to the annual births. Hence we focus, as part of our conservation ethos, on taking out old cows, weak bulls and weak young animals. These culls are included in our hunting day rate (€ 220 per person).

Please take note: We select carefully! Every professional hunter will not hunt more than 1-2 animals per day. Wounded game is regarded as shot and will be charged with € 150 (small animals like warthog, impala etc.) or € 300 (for wildebeest, kudu, eland etc.).

Kambaku's hunting

Responsible game management


Make your dream come true with an adventurous hunting safari in Namibia - and help us preserve the nature! Unlike many other hunting farms, Kambaku's plains game hunting aims at sustainable game harvesting.

Enjoy a fabulous four-star accommodation in our Luxury Lodge or opt for a unique, intimate stay at our private Safari Camp. In addition, you book hunting to experience excellent plains game hunting alongside our expert hunters. 


Kambaku Safari Camp

For hunters and adventurers


Kambaku's best hunting adventures take place at our safari camp. The camp promises a natural setting within the bush, seemingly within touching distance of the wild. Hunting Camp Safaris include accommodation and all selective hunting shots fired.

And last but not least: Our Safari Camp consists of only two tented safari bungalows with bathroom en-suite. Just four guests plus guide(s) and cook can be accommodated. Privacy and personal care is guaranteed!


Kambaku Safari Lodge

for hunters with family


If you are travelling with a companion or a family with children, we recommend our small yet multi-times awarded lodge. With a diversed wildlife program, loads of leisure time activities and 30 horses for safaris on horseback, it is perfectly suited to hunters who are accompanied by non-hunters.

Here, we offer single hunting days as the deal. This allows you much flexibility and time to undertake other activities with your guide or family.



Questions & answers


Not only newbies have a lot of questions: May I hunt all year round in Namibia? Are there restrictions? What should I bring along? Do I need a hunting licence? The most common questions are answered in our FAQ section. If you'd like to reach out to us for specific topics or your travel itinary or if you have questions that aren't answered in the provided FAQs, please feel free to send us your enquiry.