Wildlife Programme 2019

discover the bush

Go explore the bush savannah and its amazing fauna and flora alongside our nature guides. Every morning and afternoon you have the choice of three thrilling safari adventures: choose a themed safari excursion that takes you right into the heart of Kambaku's bush by 4x4 and on foot – following the tracks of wild animals, listening to the sounds of the brightly coloured birdlife or studying the leaves and seeds of the plants. You may also opt for a wildlife training with our guides in Kambaku's Bush College: our wildlife courses offer an abundance of background knowledge and will improve your awareness for the wildlife in the bush enormously.

The perfect mix: themed safari excursions and wildlife classes at the College

At Kambaku you will experience safari adventures of a very distinct quality and provide a lot of knowledge. We want you to understand the beauty of the bush on the whole and would like to draw your attention not only to zebras, giraffs and leopards, but also to the supporting cast. To present you everything of this amazing paradise, our excursions and trainings focus on different subjects:


  • mammals of the bush savannah
  • birds of the bush savannah
  • tracks and tracking
  • plants of the bush savannah
  • Ecology, Conservation & Research at Kambaku (Wildlife Management)

Themed safari excursion = safari trip in the reserve

Discover the bush savannah on a varying safari tour in our private game reserve. The excursion will follow a key topic (see above) and is a combination of 4x4 tour, guided walk, game study and watching. Every trip is a unique adventure – you never know what exactly awaits you on tour. Together with like-minded fellows your guide takes you into the bush, tracks down wild animals and guide you to hidden spots for the best sightings.

Be ready for a safari adventure and expect

  • a mixture of game drive, walks, tracking and game monitoring at hides and waterholes
  • an exciting excursion that follows a key topic (see above)
  • a 2,5 hours experience in the bush
  • a sundowner in the glowing sunset of Namibia (for afternoon rides)

Training = wildlife course at the Bush College

Kambaku's trainings enlarge your knowledge about the nature of Namibia's bush savannah. With descriptive presentations and informative yet entertaining talks, through simple exercises, exhibits and of course discussions with your licensed guides you will learn more about the wildlife and the sensitive ecosystem in the Kambaku Wildlife Reserve. It's knowledge that will intensify your adventures in the wilderness – to create  memories that last forever.

Look forward to

  • a mixture of lectures, talks, presentation and exercises
  • classes with various key topics (see above)
  • 1,5 hours of intense yet pleasurable trainings
  • fully equipped class rooms in Kambaku's Bush College close to the lodge

Upgrades – enjoy an individual wildlife programme

Interested in a private safari adventure? Then upgrade and individualize your bush experience. Want to explore the bush with a private guide on your own? No problem! Just book a private guide for your morning and/or afternoon activity and the car, the guide and the adventure is just yours!

Another wonderful add-on we warmly recommend is a romantic breakfast in the bush. Enjoy sparkling wine, fresh rolls and boiled eggs surrounded by savannah grass and wild animals (minimum two pax).



Kambaku Bush Camp

This one is for adventures – an unforgettable experience in the wilderness: Our bush camp offers you an overnight camping adventure with private guide in the middle of the savannah. The small and rustic outpost of our lodge consists of three simple roof tents, a cozy fireplace, simple sanitary facilities, and offers its guests a night in the bush with an evening Braai (BBQ) for dinner and breakfast after a guided nature walk in the morning.

More details about the Bush Camp Adventure: