Horseback Riding

Safaris on horseback

Get ready for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure: riding over vast expanses of untouched territory, far away from the hustle and bustle of the daily routine ... The breathtaking silence and the close contact with the wild animals of the Kambaku Wildlife Reserve are certain to cast a spell over every rider, experienced sportsmen and equestrian novices alike.


ATTENTION: Changes in our horse riding programme 2019

As from January 2019 you can create the horse safari of your dreams at Kambaku. No matter if you want to spend every morning and afternoon in the saddle or if you would like to take it easy and go horse riding only once in a while – with our new system of half riding days to add to the daily programme, you can compile your perfect tailore-made riding safari with us.

Full flexibility: As wildlife experiences are included in our basic accommodation rates next year, you may upgrade your days with riding activities in the morning and/or afternoon for surcharge (€ 40,– per half riding day/ € 80 per full riding day). You can choose between 2.5 hrs safari rides or 60 min. individual riding training, book in advance or choose on-site. Create a pure riding safari with outrides in the savannah every morning and afternoon or compile your perfect programme with safari rides, training lessons or non-riding days as you wish!

For example: Explore the savannah on a themed safari tour in the morning and discover the bush on horseback in the afternoon. Opt for full riding day with professional training in the morning and a safari ride with sundowner in the bush in the late afternoon. Be spontaneously and decide during your stay, or – if you are a keen rider – book your riding activities in advance. 

If you are a novice rider, we will take you on slow pace beginners rides or special-guided rides to comfort you best. For those of you eager to learn more, we recommend to spend a 1/2 riding day for private riding training (also lunge training) with our professional instructors. Kids aged four years and older can take part in safari rides as well. But our special for young horselovers is a pony programme – with grooming, horse fun and some riding in the morning and/ or afternoon.

NOTE: No matter if you want to enjoy a safari ride, riding training or book the pony programme for your child – in 2019 each horse riding activity counts a 1/2 riding day and will be charged with € 40,00 per person/ child. If you want to go riding in the morning and in the afternoon, please book a full riding day (€ 80,00 per person/ child) so we can guarantee to keep your horse, group and guide the same. If you prefer to remain flexible,  puzzle your programme with 1/2 riding days. In both ways, please make sure that the amount of half and full riding days matches with your days of stay and riding interest, as we cannot refund riding days that are not taken during your stay.

Please take note, that there is only one riding offer possible per half day (so no training at 6 am and a safari ride at 7 am). Please also note, that riding runs parallel with your included wildlife programme and will therefore replace it. It is not possible to go horse-riding and take part in the wildlife programme in one morning or one afternoon. If you want to enjoy both adventures, please book only 1/2 riding day.


Horseback safaris

Equestrian adventures in the savannah

Imagine long stretches of sand road dwindling into the horizon, hidden paths leading deep into unknown terrain. Kambaku's scenery is just begging for a horse and rider. During early mornings or glorious sunsets, in a thrilling gallop or at a mild walk – our horseback safaris offer the best for novice riders to advanced equestrian alike.

Kambaku's equestrian safaris offer adventures of a lifetime. Look forward to abundant game, knowledgeable guides and well-trained horses in a unique African setting.


Riding Offers

On horseback at Kambaku

You prefer a Jeep & Trekking trip to a full-week equestrian programme but would still like some game-viewing on horseback? No problem. At Kambaku you can join safari and special rides at any time. Beginners may choose a riding lesson in the school or a special guided safari ride. Our instructors are also happy to support your first attempts at show jumping.

Try horseback riding at Kambaku or enjoy a wonderful safari ride during your overnight stay with us. Our equestrian team looks forward to delighting you.


Kambaku's horses

Meet our horses

Kambaku owns 20 top-trained and well-mannered horses of all shapes and sizes, to ensure the perfect match for riders of every height and ability. Novices as well as experienced riders can rely on our horses - whether enjoying a thrilling gallop alongside giraffes or a professional riding lesson on the riding ground.

Our horses are sure-footed, reliable and entirely at home among Namibia's diverse flora and fauna. We look after them in any possible way to guarantee you the best riding experience possible!


FAQ Riding

Questions & answers

How do I ride at Kambaku? Are novice riders permitted to ride? What type of horses will I ride? What about safety in the saddle? And are children allowed to undertake rides, too? For answers to these and other questions please have a look to our FAQ page.

Of course you are welcome to ask for more details and further information, if our FAQ page doesn't have the answer. Please use our contact form for a quick reply.