Hospitality College

Kambaku's School for Hotel Business

Become a hotel pro at the Kambaku Hospitality College, Namibia’s state-accredited vocational training school of hotel management

At our accredited school of hospitality management, we train Namibians in various careers within the hospitality industry.

A few years ago, the search for qualified co-workers for the Lodge set the ball rolling for our own private training initiative. Meanwhile the initial centre - lovingly called the Bush School – has become a fully-fledged College at which trainees take a dual course, learning to face the challenges of the hotel industry.

Through the Kambaku Hospitality College’s accreditation with the Namibia Training Authority, students are able to obtain a recognised professional qualification.


Hospitality Training at Kambaku

Are you a Namibian wanting to enter the hotel and hospitality scene? The Kambaku Hospitality College is an accredited vocational institute which offers two years training, after which you may enter the hospitality industry. The course is split in two –theory and practice, both led by tutors with international experience.

The theory module is on offer to trainees and apprentices from anywhere in Namibia who would like to improve their skills with some additional knowledge.