Kambaku Safari Camp

Wildlife programme in the camp

Your stay in the Kambaku Safari Camp includes a diverse wildlife programme. Everyday you will enjoy adventurous and organized activities in the bush. But you will also have time to relax or try your hand at bow shooting, ball games or read quietly under an acacia tree.




The programme takes place in the moring and afternoon. When you are hiking through the bush your experienced guide will detour off the beaten tracks to a road less travelled, deep into the realm of African fauna and flora. He will share his knowledge of animal tracks with you, pointing out the secrets in all the clues left by the wild. At a Ranger's Patrol you will learn how 80 sqkm primeval land should be tended so that animals and plants will be able to withstand the next drought, or how heavy a salt lick rock is that must be set out for the game, or what it means to patrol a double fence of 36 km in length, prepare yourself to escort a Kambaku game warden.

Our guides will also be escort you to a watering-hole, to the spot where the  porcupine are fed, to the spring where the birds gather or to the bait station. There you will be able to sit quietly and peacefully, observing the wildlife in their own habitat and getting to know their idiosyncrasies and herd characteristics.