Kambaku Game Reserve

Welcome to Namibia's bush

In the heart of Namibia, admidst an imposing African landscape the family-owned and operated private game reserve Kambaku with some 8000 ha of bush savannah, is a home for vast numbers of antelopes, wild cats, small mammals, reptiles, birds and insects. Here, on an elevated plateau some 1,600 metres above sea level, nature is very sensitive. Despite of this, you will find the bush savannah rarely somewhere else so rich in wildlife and naturally unspoiled as it is here. Kambaku's healthy diversity is a result of our long-term investment in professional wildlife and ecosystem management to preserve our delicate natural heritage.

Wildlife & Nature

Kambaku's fauna and flora


The Game Reserves lies approximately 25 km north of the Waterberg biosphere in Namibia. Almost all Namibian domestic wild animals live here: Impala, Blue-wildebeest, Hartebeest, Kudu, Oryx and other sorts of antelopes, zebras, giraffes, warthogs, predators like leopard, cheetah, or hyena, snakes, vultures, eagles, ostriches and many others...

Read more about Kambaku's fauna and flora. We would love to welcome you here and show you the beauty of Namibia's wilderness on a safari tour in our Game Reserve.


Wildlife Management

Commitment to Kambaku's species


Preservation and safeguarding of a sound, balanced environment are carried out through operations to keep wildlife and nature healthy in the Kambaku Game Reserve. For this reason, we invest considerable time and energy in a well thought-out wildlife management concept, that covers numerous areas of nature conservation.

Read more about our efforts on behalf of the care and protection of game and nature, or even better: be part of it! On a ranger's patrol you will accompany our game warden on duty.





As a partner of the Ecosystem Management Understanding (EMU) Programme Kambaku actively works to be environmentally compatible. Our commitment is to run a hosting and safari company, offer a wide range of activities, supply food and beverages, accomodation etc. for our guests and employees and do this all with great attention to ecologically-sustainable factors.

Get to know our strategy of ensuring that the cultivation of our land is both economically and environmentally sustainable in the long term.