Ecosystem Management

In Harmony with Nature


In order to professionalize our strategy, preserve Kambaku as a habitat and keep it healty for all manifold hospitality and safari travel offers we joined the Ecosystem Management Understanding Programme (EMU™). This process draws on the collective knowledge and experience of the landholder, and maps it on to a Landsat image. The process identifies drivers of change in the landscape and highlights the connectedness of factors traditionally viewed in isolation. The source of a problem may be found to be some distance from its known manifestation.

Read more about EMU:      EMU leaflet (PDF)    

The programme serves to understand the function of local ecosystems. By disclosing (negative) impacts of our everyday actions it encourages all of us to carefully use natural resources and to pay more attention to environmental protection. As a project partner, Kambaku gains scientific support and assistance in the documentation of effects of the hospitality and safari business and in the education of employees. Kambaku also receives support in remedying the losses that conventional cattle farming left in this sensitive ecosystem using up-to-date actions.




At Kambaku we intend to live up to the requirements of sustainable hospitality and farming standards at all times. In addition to everyday actions like the economical use of water and energy, waste sorting and harvesting the fruits and vegetables from our own organic cultivation, we put a focus on eco-friendly tourism and safari travel offers. Activities like bush walks, horseback riding safaris, mountain bike tours or the Ranger's Patrol allow our guests to meet Namibia's savannah in an eco-friendly yet adventurous manner. The coordination of shuttles and transfers, communal meals and small group tours offer memorable experiences, use the available resources more efficiently and thus reduce the overall eco-footprint.