Open letters from Kambaku

To our guests, friends and partners

Kambaku, April 25, 2020

Dear guests, friends and partners

Today we are sending a heartfelt thank you from Namibia.

We would like to thank all who have supported us so much in recent times. Much of it was more than we could have ever hoped for.

We are grateful for all the heartfelt and encouraging words and messages of solidarity from former and future guests as well as friends and colleagues. Thanks to all those who are already planning today to visit us in this beautiful country that is Namibia.

We would also like to thank our Namibian associations, our politicians and administration. All had and still have to take decisions that are a great burden for us all. We believe that many have and are still doing their utmost to navigate this country out of the crisis. Thank you!

These are times which are full of grave decisions for all but these are also times of solidarity and mutual support.

We join in with our Namibian Tourism Board: We all strive towards a return to times that do justice to this spectacular country. We are looking forward to it!

With this amazin video from the NTB we send to you our warmest regards

Yours Kambaku team


Kambaku, March 23, 2020

Dear guests, friends and partners

The whole world is in a state of emergency and Namibia is also taking measures to curtail the spread of the Corona pandemic. Tourists are not allowed to enter the country until further notice, schools and universities have been closed and a broad publicity campaign informs its citizens about rules of conduct. All of these steps have been taken early on as Namibia has, so far, only tested 3 people positive for COVID-19. The WHO assumes that the virus will only spread widely in Africa in the coming weeks and we hope that the effects, despite the limited medical capacity, will not become too much of a catastrophe.

In line with the governmental decree, we closed our Hospitality & Wildlife College for the time being. Our trainees returned home to their families and will come back as soon as we can open the College again. We have developed a short-term labour model with our remaining team, which ensures the survival of all. Since the guest operational side has been wound down at present, each team member will take on a variety of new tasks. We are expanding our vegetable garden to ensure a healthy diet for all who live here, we are putting into practice social projects, like building a new football pitch for the team, and are repairing items, that were put on the backburner in the daily routine. 

Kambaku has always accepted social responsibility and looked after its employees. It is this humanitarian side next to the economic considerations which are in the forefront and we hope that we can welcome guests again in a few months to make up for some of the massive losses of this current period.

Over the coming weeks we will take you on a journey through Kambaku Wildlife Reserve via social networks (on Facebook and on Instagram @kambakusafarilodge) and our website Posts related to our flora & fauna, our horses and the current projects of the team will update you and intend to brighten your days.

We wish you serenity and faith and hope that we will all see each other again soon and healthy!

Warmest regards
Your Kambaku Team