Hunting at Kambaku

Wildlife Management in Namibia


It is our belief that a hunting safari is about more than seeking the highest quality game. It’s about escaping everyday life and enjoying the majesty and untamed beauty of nature. Unfamiliar movement and behaviour patterns among the wildlife provide a chance to extend one's own knowledge of hunting - after all, it is through understanding that your African hunting trip will become an experience you will never forget.

Wild animals are the main focus at Kambaku. Eight different species of antelope, zebras, ostriches, as well as big cats, all pass through this natural paradise. Every stalk becomes an unforgettable experience because of the incredible diversity of the flora and fauna. A variety of eagle and vulture species, falcons, jackals, warthogs and hyena provide plenty of opportunities for exciting observations.  



At Kambaku, you may choose between lodge and camp accommodation. The overnight rates cover full-board lodging and a manifold wildlife program. In addition, you book your hunting adventure.

The Kambaku Safari Camp is an inspiring place that offers a maximum of privacy as there are only four beds in the two tented bungalows. Come alone, with your friend or partner and enjoy a true hunting adventure in Namibia's outback!

Hunters accompanied by family, friends and small children are best accommodated in the Kambaku Safari Lodge with cosy, spacious or luxury guest rooms, fabulous food, a garden with swimming pool and loads of wildlife safari and leisure time activities for your travel companions while you are hunting in the bush. 



At Kambaku there are many species of plains game to hunt. Almost all antelopes of Southern Africa live here, from the small dik-dik or the wonderful kudu to the 2,500 pound eland. While impala, hartebeest and blue wildebeest are herd animals some other are more solitary. We also stalk warthogs, plains zebra, African lynx and ostriches at Kambaku, too. Please ask for other game to hunt as there might be more species to be found on the determined seasonal shooting list.

As there are numerous active predators at Kambaku, for instance leopards, cheetahs, lynx as well as jackals and hyenas and considering that we are signatories to ethical hunting, ours is a conservation-hunt.



No matter if you favour a rustic adventure or some special indulgence at Kambaku, each hunt in the bush savannah is carefully planned and well organized. Our professional hunters will assist and advise you by all means. All vehicles are equipped with all the necessities to ensure a comfortable and careless experience.

All of our hunts are legally operated with consent of the government and with legal licenses. As the venison is processed and freshly served from the Kambaku kitchen, you are welcome to have the tanned hide or trophy exported to you as a keepsake of your Namibian hunt. And all hunted trophies are allowed to be transported as a trophy to a taxidermist for preparation and exported to your home.



Throughout your hunt, you will have an experienced team assisting you, either professional hunters or a hunting guide and tracker. They’ll lead you safely through the bush and teach you the intricacies and challenges of hunting in the bush savannah. By the end of your trip you’ll be au fait with the construction of blinds and decidedly better equipped to read Namibian game tracks.

Our professional hunters who accompany your plains game hunting safari have many years of experience hunting throughout Africa and all are excellent hosts.



You’ll be driven in our all-terrain vehicle to the hunting grounds. From there onwards you are on foot – stalking is the chief hunting method. Depending on the species and situation we also make use of hides or look-outs. Your team will discuss with you which type of hunt you prefer.



Hunting in bush savannah is a challenge. Long stretches, thick undergrowth, unfamiliar game behaviour and the unknown terrain demand the use of all your senses. Added to this scenario is the heat of the sun – Kambaku lies at a height of 1600m above sea level. Every day, not only during the hunt, drinking ample liquids and taking breaks are very important. At Kambaku we ensure that you and your team are always well equipped, which includes five star snacks and sundowners at end of day.