Experience Kambaku - 2018 Offers

Adventures in the bushveld

The bush savannah is marvelous, and nature here offers such varied wildlife. We want you to enjoy the best of game-viewing and safari adventures that you could possibly imagine. But even if you don't go for a safari package with an impressive number of activities, there is still plenty left to be done here. Please check our most common wildlife offers and decide sponteanously! We'd love to show you our game reserve.

Of course you can discover the bush on your own, too. 60 km of marked hiking paths await you – either on foot or on mountain bike (free of charge)!


Nature drives in the bush

Driving in a custom-built safari vehicle is a wonderful way to explore the African wildlife. Enjoy a close encounter with game from an open 4x4 vehicle, experiencing animals in their own habitat.

Nature Drive at dawn (approx. 3h)
Guest 17 yrs. and older = € 34
Kids = € 17

Nature Drive with bush breakfast (approx. 3.5h)
Guest 17 yrs. and older = € 70
Kids = € 34

Nature Drive with sundowner (approx. 3.5h)
Guest 17 yrs. and older = € 34
Kids = € 17


Guided bush walks

A great experience of nature are bush walks with a knowledgable field guide. Hike through the game farm, also off the beaten track, during which your guide shares solid facts about the fauna and flora.

Bush walk at dawn (approx. 3 h)
Guest 17 yrs. and older = € 34
Kids = € 17

Bush walk at dawn with bush breakfast (approx. 4,5h)
Guest 17 yrs. and older = € 70
Kids = € 35

Bush walk in the morning (approx. 1.5h)
Guest 17 yrs. and older = € 22
Kids = € 11

Bush walk in the afternoon incl. sundowner (approx. 3.5h)
Guest 17 yrs. and older = € 34
Kids = € 17


Bush Training – Wildlife classes

Enhance your knowledge! Our studied guides teach you more about fauna and flora, the cultures of Namibia, wildlife and eco management in classes at Kambaku's College and out in the bush. Choose for your favourite topic or take the chance to get it all in a one-week-training safari:

Mammals of the bush savannah (ca. 7 h)
of the bush savannah (ca. 7 h)
of the bush savannah (ca. 7 h)
Tracks and Tracking (ca. 7 h)
Ecology, conservation & research at Kambaku (ca. 7 h)

For guests 17 years and older.
Per person € 120


Game watching with a guide

We highly recommend a game watching experience in the Kambaku Game Reserve for our nature loving guests. Accompanied by an experienced game warden you will visit one of Kambaku's water holes, the Bird Fountain or a bait and watch for wild animals and birds to pass by.

Game watching with game ranger at a waterhole (approx. 2h)
Guest 17 yrs. and older = € 22
Kids = € 11

Bush savannah by night (approx. 2h)
Sounds, fauna and stars ...
Guest 17 yrs. and older = € 22
Kids = € 11


Stalking with pro hunter

We do many things to keep the ecosystem safe and healthy. The whole area is checked daily by several game warden and professional hunters. Accompany the professional hunters of the wildlife teams on the job for some 4 hours (no more than 2 people).

Early stalk at dawn – when available – (approx. 3,5h)
Guest >13 yrs. = € 70,–

Late stalk at dawn – when available – (approx. 3,5h)
Guest >13 yrs. = € 70,–

Maximum: 2 pax

More details about the wildlife and ecosystem management at Kambaku:



Kids nature walk with guide

Children perceive the wildlife in a different way from adults, and children also differ one from another. That's why we offer special activities and programmes for kids. An experienced game warden guides the young discoverers through the bush and explains the wildlife in a way children can understand. By the end of the tour the kids will recognise different types of animal tracks and droppings, constructions, and caves from warthogs or aardferks, and also what kind of acacia tree would be the best place to be if you were a leopard.

Kids nature walk with game ranger (approx. 2 h)
Children aged 4-12 years = € 15

Kambaku Bush Camp

Adventure in the Outback

Bush Camp Adventure including a nature drive, tent accommodation, braai dinner and breaktfast and a guided bush walk in the morning.
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approx. 20 hrs
Day 1 15:00 until
Day 2 11:00

Kambaku Bush Camp
Full-board (Braai, Breakfast)

1 guest > 13 y. = 150,– Euro
1 guest < 13 y. = 100,– Euro
Maximum 4 pax




Travel Programme

A unique adventure you won't want to miss is an overnight stayin the bush savannah. A slow nature drive in the late afternoon brings you to Kambaku's Bush Camp where you spend the night around the fire. It's here, where you can feel Namibia's heartbeat, surrounded by the sounds of wildlife and nature. Safari chairs, wooden tables, a chattering camp fire under the wide starry sky, plus a braai experience, savouring Kambaku Lodge’s outdoor-cuisine. Your guide is always at your side and keeps you safe in the wilderness.

The bush camp provides cots in two-person tents that have been raised on stilts as preventive security against wild animals. The view over the savannah is awesome and, snuggled warmly in bed, we watch out for animals and count the shooting stars as they fade over the sky. Your daily requirements are easily accommodated with a shower and WC. Your guide ensures that you enjoy danger-free hours in a natural setting. After breakfast and a hike through the savannah, you head back to the lodge.