The African trip of your dreams

You will be surprised to what extent we anticipate your needs and wishes. We’ll be in the background but at your beck and call. There are the little things such as hot water bottles in winter, free internet connection or welcoming cocktails. And then there are the other attentions that are more subtle, those things that show how special every guest is and earn us our reputation.

Guests with special needs

Not all are able to travel without cares and we understand that. Although our setup has its challenges, we go out of our way to accommodate guests who are restricted in some way. Whether you are in a wheelchair, need help to get along or on a special diet, please share your needs.  We will do our best to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Let us organise your trips

Would you like to fish at Swakopmund? Go quad-biking in the Kalahari? Inform us of your wishes, pack your bags and leave the rest to us. We cater not only for your main Namibian trip, but also for short excursions made on impulse. On the road we are your open door, your 24-hour personal assistant and the manager of your complaints and queries. We book your rooms, organise transfers and try to arrange everything to suit you – from private guiding to candlelight dinners, to car rental and fly-in safaris.

Surprises and special events

Special events need special attention. Perhaps a bush-birthday with cheers and cake, or a champagne picnic, a business incentive with a difference, a professional photo shoot or your wedding from A to Z: we surpass ourselves time and again with our events. Trust us with your wishes. Our abilities will astound you.

Children welcome!

Can one, should one travel with children to Namibia? As parents with travel experience we say: Yes! Kambaku is geared for babies and young ones (own sleeping and ablution areas within the family rooms, cots and high chairs). Namibia is a secure destination for families. Take a night flight directly from Frankfurt to Windhoek where our shuttle will collect your family. There is hardly any time difference to disturb your natural biorhythm. The country is safe and no special vaccinations are needed unless you visit the Zambezi region in the far north east, where malaria protection would be wise. At the Kambaku Lodge activities such as special wildlife and horse-riding programmes await the children. If needed, we can arrange for a nanny to attend to them. In addition, many free-time activities for the youngsters such as a playground, table tennis, swimming pool, group games, toys (Duplo, Lego and puzzles) offer the parents time for their own relaxation.

On tour with Kambaku, the young ones will be safe in their car seats. Please go to Kambaku Family Safaris for more information about our child-friendly tours in Namibia.

Personal transfers and trips

We collect and deliver you, accompanying you to all those places you want to explore. Kambaku’s guides are very experienced in designing your personal dream trip. We are au fait with southern Africa and its sights, roads and cultural landmarks as well as its people. Even if you make use of another travel agent or plan a self-drive holiday, we are there when you need us. We will collect you wherever you are and transport you to Kambaku or some other destination.

Our service is tops: Awards & Accolades

We do not in the first place aim for awards, but are nevertheless pleased to be selected as winners. Particularly special are those awards that are based on the opinions of our guests. With ten Hospitality Association of Namibia Awards of Excellence, plus various certificates from international bodies such as Holidaycheck and TripAdvisor, we are pleased to state that Kambaku is one of the best destinations in Namibia. In 2017 we have also been awarded WINNER Hospitality Award of the international LUX Magazine (UK).