Our Rates

Kambaku Wildlife Reserve

At Kambaku we charge one price for full-board accommodation including the guided wildlife program in the morning and afternoon! Horse safaris, riding classes and extras like private guide or adventure upgrades (such as bush breakfasts) may be added on individually.

Please note: All prices are per person, not per room. We welcome families with children and single travellers with discounts for teenagers and kids and do not charge any extra for single-room occupancy.

Special rates for long-stayers (as from 7 overnights at Kambaku per booking):
If you stay more then seven nights in our Safari Lodge oder Safari Camp, you will enjoy a reduced rate for every overnight with fullboard and wildlife program on all days you spend with us.

The reduced rate applies once you book 7 or more nights with us – no matter if these are connected or split in two or more parts (for example before and after a multiple-day trip throughout Namibia).

Available program and rates



Two safari adventures included every day

Every morning and afternoon you make a pick from different activities. Get ready to explore the bushveld in a themed safari tour or learn more about in training sessions at Kambaku's Wildlife College, go on a game drive or start the day with a guided bush walk. There are also non-wildlife-activities offered for a change.

You can personalize your program and enjoy a private guide, a romantic breakfast in the bush or a unique overnight adventure in our small bush camp. These kind of extras are available at extra cost (please refer to price list above)



Horseback safaris at Kambaku

At Kambaku you can compile a horse safari up to your wish: just book half or full days of riding and replace the wildlife activities with an adventure on horseback.

Depending on your riding skills, you will take part in safari rides (2,5 hours for advanced and expert riders, 1,5 hours for beginners – special guided safari rides) or professional training (60 minutes, private lesson). Novices may opt for a lunge training. If your kids are into horses, book a half or full riding day and they enjoy a wonderful, kiddy-style pony program!



Hunting safaris as upgrade to your programme

If you would like to support our rangers and hunters in Kambaku's professional wildlife management, you book a hunting day that includes hunting 1:1 or 2:1 and add it to our regular rate.

Please check our principles for sustainable hunting and selective game harvesting!