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Kambaku picture diary


Spring has arrived, once again engulfing our reserve in a magical glow. It almost seems as if the news from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, who recently withdrew Namibia from their Corona high risk country lists, brighten up every inch of the savannah. With temperatures rising in the land of boundless vastness, very low infections rates and the extremely small population density here, people get the chance to take a breather. The government further simplified the entry rules for travelers: just one negative Covid-19 test is necessary to enjoy a memorable time-out from the strained times in Europe and no quarantine is needed anymore. Of course, we understand that travelling may not be your cup of tea at the moment but it would be our greatest pleasure to welcome you back …

Kambaku Picture Diary

  • 48-Kambaku-Pferdezahnarzt
  • 48-Kambaku-Pferdezahnarzt1
  • 48-Kambaku-Pferdezahnarzt3

Dental Check-up of our horses

Lately, our equine dentist visited us for the annual check up of our herd. As always, Christine left us stunning about her sensitive attitude and work. She still uses the less invasive method with just her hands and rasps for the tooth correction and no electric tools. None of our horses had to be sedated as she has built  a platform of trust with each horse. It's a pleasure to see her in action and know our four-legged friends are in good hands. Thanks a lot, Christine!

Kambaku Picture Diary


Another Corona project completed: new fireplace

Recently we completed another Corona project: The renovation of our old fireplace is done. Just in time for the weekend we already made ourselves comfortable at the new fire place to welcome a relaxing weekend. We are very much looking forward to sitting here, getting cozy around the bonfire with our guests again, be together to enjoy a drink or two, count the shooting stars and observe the animals that stop by for a drink at the waterhole.

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  • 46-Kambaku-welcomeGuests
  • 46-Kambaku-welcomeGuests2
  • 46-Kambaku-welcomeGuests3
  • 46-Kambaku-welcomeGuests4

What a relief, what a wonderful feeling to serve the first guests since the Corona lockdown here at Kambaku. Who would have guessed that former routine could evoke so much happiness, feel so invigorating and easing. It is a pleasure to get up early, tackle up the horses safari rides, fill the days with adventures in the wilderness, talking to guests and enjoying evenings at the fire pit counting shooting stars. We cannot stop smiling when being together with our guests. It is soo great to have you here with us!

First Safari Ride Since Lockdown

Breaking News


Great news: Namibia has re-opened its borders for visitors! International flights are being operated to and from Windhoek Intl Airport already. Of course, some directives are given by the government (i.e. negative Covid-19 test, availability by phone, common hygiene rules – click for details). But you are able to travel across our beautiful country again, experience the impressive landscapes, the abundance of wildlife and the most friendly people of so many different cultures living here. We are so excited to welcoming you back: our lodge is gleaming, the reserve is bursting with vitality, and our team is in joyful anticipation of our first guests since exactly 6 months ago, who will arrive shortly! Nature is so wonderful in early spring, it is the perfect time for taking a time-out, wind down and renew vigour and energy. We are very much looking forward to meeting you again!

Kambaku picture diary


Early, first rainfall

Unexpected, yet greatly apprecated the first rainfall hit Kambaku. What a pleasant surprise at the beginning of spring! We hope that the early rain marks the start for a wet summer. It would do so good to Kambaku and Namibia after years of draught and heat.


Kambaku Picture Diary

  • 44-Kambaku-gamecount
  • 44-Kambaku-gamecount1
  • 44-Kambaku-gamecount2

From high above: Game counting #2

Lately, we were busy counting and making notes about our wild animals, their physical fitness, the structure of herds with elderly, mothers and young stock, their sexes and more while sitting at waterholes from sunrise till sunset. Yesterday, the second part of our annual game count – the basis of our sustainable wild game management – took place. To check the local distribution and sizes of bigger herds for a comprehensive overall picture, we did overflights with an ultra-light helicopter. It was so much fun; it is always something special to experience Kambaku from high above.

Kambaku picture diary


Spring is coming

Good-bye winter! Hello spring! We enjoy the first signs of spring here in the bush. The temperatures are pleasantly mild and tender twiglets with blossoms cover shrubs and trees. Besides, we are so happy and proud to present the most delicious, home-grown heralds of spring to you: STRAWBERRIES. What a joy! We were not sure if the nut fruits would make it in our aquaponic system. But look how well they turned out :-). Super yummy, fruity, healthy and full of aroma the little red berries are making our days.

Kambaku Picture Diary


“I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up that I was not happy.” Ernest Hemingway

Getting chased out of bed at 4:30 am is nothing enjoyable at first. But this little sacrifice pays off so much! Being out in the savannah at daybreak is pure quality time. The colours, sounds, and little surprises the wilderness offers to earlybirds are incredible. You cannot escape the well-being that takes over your body and soul when the first sunbeams tickle your face. It just fills up your inner self with freedom and jaunty joy. It’s peaceful and exciting at once, calming your soul by alerting your senses at the same time. Promise to go for a walk by yourself next time you are staying with us. Reconnecting with nature grants you ease and comfort, leaving you happy and satisfied …

Kambaku Picture Diary


Last weekend we’ve been out counting game from sunrise to sundown. The annual game counting is part of the sustainable game management at Kambaku Wildlife Reserve and the monitoring of our wild animal species. Belief us, sitting in a high seat and observe unspoiled wilderness with animals passing by every now and then is pure soul food, no matter what. It was wonderful to see that all animals are healthy and in good shape. Well, some are a tending to get a little fat. But hey, it’s probably not for us to talk about gaining weight during Corona time ;-).


Kambaku Sounds


We presented to you the ostrich earlier, but did not mention the odd voice of the biggest bird on earth that for sure has nothing in common with the crystal clear or bell-like sounds of singing birds. Ostriches rather whistle, snort or snarl. Only the small chicks are able to sort of sing a little for the attention of their Mom. Especially the courtship song of the cock is weird. It reminds us of a deep moo-ing or even a lion's roar. As it is really hard to describe, please listen to it yourself:

Kambaku Picture Diary

  • 39-Kambaku-7CRun1
  • 39-Kambaku-7CRun2

On July 4th we went hiking in the bush. Not just to enjoy the beautiful nature, which we did – no doubt about that. We were out to do good! As a team we participated in the 7CRun, the Seven Continent Run. This virtual sports series is a privately initiated, yet highly ambitious worldwide fundraising campaign which comprises seven sponsored runs – one on and for every continent – to raise money for the conservation of nature, the protection of the seas and humanitarian aid projects. In participating you are not only doing good for your environment, but also get the chance to make new friends across borders, strengthens your team spirit, exercise and just have fun. The run for Europe starts on July 25th and is open to single runners as well as teams. It's all worth joining in:

Kambaku Picture Diary

  • 38-Kambaku-morningfrost
  • 38-Kambaku-morningfrost2

Morning mist ... It’s getting cold out here. A day ago the first frost provided a mystic atmosphere at daybreak and officially announced the winter season at Kambaku. The sunshine was dimmed by the morning fog and hoarfrost covered bushes and trees with glistening glimmer. It’s not comparable to white snowed winter wonderlands, but still it’s pretty and calm and something special to us. And since skiing in the savanna is clearly not an option anyway, we do appreciate that temperatures normally rise up to 25 degrees during the day ...

Kambaku Picture Diary


Look whom we met on our latest stroll through the bush: a pangolin! Meeting one of these scaled animals is for various reasons something special and remains a very exciting adventure even for us here at Kambaku. All eight species of this mammals family are internationally protected by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. But due to ongoing poaching pangolins have nearly become extinct. Moreover, they are loners and nocturnal animals what makes it even harder to meet them in their natural habitat.

Kambaku Picture Diary

  • 36-Kambaku-horse-safari
  • 36-Kambaku-horse-safari-3
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  • 36-Kambaku-horse-safari-4
  • 36-Kambaku-horse-safari-6
  • 36-Kambaku-horse-safari-5

Safari rides are memorable experiences in Africa. Many horse riders that are not used to cross country riding are surprised how close you get to wild animals on horseback. Hidden in the odour and movements of the horses, the game does not recognizes the humans nor smells possible danger. It's breathtaking to ride through a group of impalas, step side-by-side with wildebeests or stand still in front of giraffes when you are nearly able to touch them. Another highlight for the experienced horse (wo)men are the never-ending canters on long stretches of sand – especially when meeting a group of zebras that is willing to join in for a race ...

Kambaku Picture Diary


Even today the value of insects is drastically underestimated. Ants for example are important key players when it comes to biodiversity and the stabilty of ecosystsems. If they would disappear, myriads of biotopes would simply collapse. These tiny environmentalists deserve a high degree of attention and recognition not just for being pest controllers and food for others, but for maintaining vital functions for vegetation. Without their underground networks plants could not settle at all in many areas (roots). Moreover, they are superb seed spreaders: the red ant alone disperses seeds from up to 150 plant species.

Kambaku Picture Diary

  • 34-Kambaku-tracking-paulus
  • 34-Kambaku-tracking1
  • 34-Kambaku-tracking-GRUPPE
  • 34-Kambaku-tracking
  • 34-Kambaku-tracking-paulus2

"Much more than sightseeing in the bush!" That's what guests say about our wildlife programme. Besides themed safari tours about mammals, birds or vegetation, 'spoors or tracks' gives fascinating insights into the wilderness. But assigning foot prints to animals is just a small part of it. Tracking is telling the story: When did what kind of animals pass by, how many  and how old are they? Were they browsing peacefully or on the run? You need to look for remnants of feeding and fur, droppings and other traces that escort the tracks. Professional trackers like "our" Paulus picture the scene at a glance – even when driving a car or from high above.

Kambaku Picture Diary

  • 31-Kambaku-Camp
  • 31-Kambaku-Camp4
  • 31-Kambaku-Camp2
  • 31-Kambaku-Camp5
  • 31-Kambaku-Camp6

We are happy that not only Namibia is loosening first Corona related actions, but we also finished one of our quarantine projects for you: our Safari Camp is now enriched by a charming family tent. Now families and small groups who are keen on an outdoor adventure in Africa will find the perfect spot to bed down in our private little outpost. Click on the link to get a glimpse of what to expect from holidays in Kambaku's Safari Camp:


Kambaku Picture Diary

  • 33-Kambaku-Riding-Arena4
  • 33-Kambaku-Riding-Arena3
  • 33-Kambaku-Riding-Arena1
  • 33-Kambaku-Riding-Arena
  • 33-Kambaku-Riding-Arena1b
  • 33-Kambaku-Riding-Arena2

New Riding Arena

Another "Kambaku quarantine projekt" is completed: We upgraded our riding arena. Especially the training of the young horses is more relaxed and safer behind the higher fencing. And our new round pen is big enough to create a more effective lungeing-workout and offers novice riders a good and safe setting for their first steps in the saddle.

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Kambaku Cuisine

  • 32-Lemonade
  • 32-Lemonade2

'When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!'

Fittingly to the Corona crisis the lemons and oranges are fully ripe. And for sure, we make the best of it :-). The excellent crop from our citrus trees at the lodge garden is utilised for the production of homemade orange juice and lemonade. And for the best outcome, we are using the recycled bottles of our favourite sundowner drink to store it ;-).

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Kambaku picture diary

  • 30-Kambaku-Tours
  • 30-Kambaku-Tours1
  • 30-Kambaku-Tours2

Etosha National Park

It's been far too long now since we visited the Etosha National Park to say hello to elephants, rhinos and big cats. Normally, we cruise around the famous pan once a week or even more often with our guests. You see, we too are missing Namibia and hope for the best that the borders reopen soon ...
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Kambaku Picture Diary



The day the stars were born, trouble was brewing. An old woman was angry because her two daughters never helped her in the house. They never picked up water, nor collected wood for the fire. One night, she threw the ashes and coals of her fire in the air with anger. But the ashes got stuck in heaven - it has been the Milky Way we see since then, and the glowing coals are the stars. (A story of the San)

Kambaku picture diary


Meeting friends in the savannah

Watch this wonderful moment Johannes captured when driving through the Kambaku Wildlife Reserve. A group of our trail horses suddenly appears and meets another herd in the bush. Kind of reminds us on how much we are looking forward to meeting you here in the savannah again, too ...


Kambaku picture diary


The sounds of Africa ...

Besides wonderful pictures and videos, we use our Instagram account to post sounds from the animals of the Kambaku Wildlife Reserve. Lately we presented the calls of our zebras (to be found in the highlights "Bush Sounds"). Hardly anybody recognizes the high and melodic calls or assigns them to the black and white striped equids. If you want to know what we are talking about, you are welcome to join our Instagram community. Or just visit our profile @kambakusafarilodge and or check the soundfiles directly: Bush Sounds.

Kambaku picture diary

  • 26-Kambaku-Gnu
  • 26-Kambaku-Gnu2

Autumn is slowly taking over in Namibia. And the fall brings along this magical light to the Kambaku Wildlife Reserve, adding an unique atmosphere to the wilderness. The photos show a wildebeest in the morning light. The long sunbeams almost make it look like it is in the evening ...

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Kambaku picture diary


No matter how many times you saw them already, how often you watched them feeding on the trees or galopping through the bush. It does not matter where you are heading, nor if you are riding a horse, a bike, moving on foot or sitting in a car: When you meet giraffes, you just stop and watch them for a while. It's probably a law of nature ;-).

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Kambaku Safari Lodge


Today we want to say thanks: to old and new friends, alten und neuen Freunden, past and future guests, to our employees, representations from the Namibian associations, our politicians and administration. These are uncertain times and everybody does his utmost to protect and support us peopl. We look forward to times when it is possible to meet again and spend time together.


p.s. We linked a wonderful video message from the Namibian Tourism Board to our letter

Kambaku Picture Diary

  • 22-Kambaku-vultures
  • 22-Kambaku-vultures2

The recent demise of one our antelopes brought a large gathering of vultures (2nd picture – please wait a moment). On the left are two Lappet-faced Vultures with a large group of White Backed Vultures. These two species are commonly found together because the smaller White Backed Vultures (1st picture) relies on the larger Lappet-faced Vulture to open up the carcass with their strong bill. Vultures are increasingly under threat by habitat loss and poisoning, making wildlife reserves like Kambaku important in their survival.

Kambaku Safari Lodge


Auszeichnung auf Holidaycheck

Herzlichen Dank an alle Gäste, die uns mit einem Eintrag auf der Reise- und Bewertungsplattform Holidaycheck bewertet haben. Aufgrund Ihrer positiven Kritik wurden wir erneut als beste Lodge in der Umgebung ausgezeichnet. Die Einträge sind für unser Team ein tolles Feedback: wir lesen jeden Review genau und drucken die Beurteilungen aus, um sie im Mitarbeiterbereich für alle lesbar ans Bord zu hängen.


Kambaku Picture Diary


Do you know hydronponics? It is a forward-looking cultivation system that relies on water basis to save water. Together with Larissa Bonhold, a German student, we started an experiment in 2018. Today we take care of two hydrocultural proving grounds in our garden. Both are following the method of growing plants without soil, by instead using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent. At Kambaku we mainly produce leafy greens in the systems. Normally, the own grown spinach, salad and herbs end up on your plates, but thanks to the Corona crisis we have plenty of fresh and healthy veggies just for our own. But – as you might know – Namibians are not that much into veggies. So we are really looking forward to share and serve you fresh salads again soon!

Kambaku Picture Diary


Dawn in the bush savannah

And all of a sudden, it's weekend again ... Okay, here in the middle of nowhere, we do not really distinguish between working days and weekends, but rather in arrival and departure days. And during the "green season" every day is just wonderful to us. Especially in the early mornings, when the sun slowly rises over the bush and puts a blue light filter on nature, it is overwhelmingly beautyful at Kambaku. Sometimes a moisturing morning fog adds a bit of mysterie to the setting, but today it was amazingly clear. Enjoy your weekend!

Kambaku picture diary

  • 19-Kambaku-Ostern
  • 19-Kambaku-Osterbrunch-b
  • 19-Kambaku-Osterbrunch-d
  • 19-Kambaku-Osterbrunch-c
  • 19-Kambaku-Osterbrunch-a

Easter surprise: Team Brunch at the Lodge

It was a special gesture and a big surprise for our staff, when Marcus, Iris, Lahya, Fillemon and their teams from kitchen, service and hospitality welcomed the Kambaku-family to their Easter event. All of us who are in #kambakuquarantine at the moment, accepted the invitation and enjoyed an excellent brunch in best moods and festive setting. It was an amazing party and such a wonderful experience to be served like a guest. THANK YOU SO MUCH for this perfect day!
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Kambaku Picture Diary


We wish you a Happy Easter!

It's a Kambaku tradition that on Easter Sunday guests can take part in a funny savannah rallye. Given that noone is around to participate, we simply challenged ourselves! In small teams our staff supported by a horse and under the guidance of a team leader had to battle for the crown, for example by baking the best bread over a fire or a egg-and-spoon race on a horse. It was a really good day with lots of fun and "togetherness" during the Corona quarantine...

Kambaku Picture Diary


Thoughts on Good Friday

Today is Good Friday; like nobody has ever experienced this day before. Our thoughts are with the people who had to abandon the evening mass and the Last Supper on Maundy Thursday, and cannot come to church today neither. We wish them strength and comfort with their families. Same wishes are for all of you who are alone at the moment or feel lonely: We are thinking of you and sending you our warmest regards from the middle of the bush savannah ...

Kambaku Picture Diary


Bush breakfast

On our morning drive we met Tosca and Zimba today. At the moment, just a few of our horses are in practice, most of the herd is on Corona holiday and enjoys an easy farm life. But even when it's business as usual, our horses are free to stroll through the 8,000 hectar big Kambaku Wildlife Reserve. They return to the stable by themselves in the early morning, to get their feed and hay during the day.

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Kambaku Picture Diary


The largest bird on earth can't fly, but run fast 70 km/h. He is more likely to transport people than to sing. Males can become up to 2,5 m tall, weighing some 135 kg. His portline has made him popular as meat and leather producers - characteristics, that led to his extinction in Asia. Only in the savannah south of the Sahara ostriches can still be found in the wild. The eggs weigh 1,300 up to 1,800 gram, the contents being equal to 20 to 24 chicken eggs. Especially hyenas and jackal love the 15 cm+ huge eggs. Often they lure the hen or cock from their nights brooding duty and steal a tasty meal. Hence only about 10% of all laid eggs are successfully hatched.

Kambaku Picture Diary


The Golden Hour ...

Before the light fades and the sun finally dips below the horizon, you will experience the "golden hour" here with us. The setting sun bathes the surrounding bushes and trees in a golden light and casts long shadows into wilderness. This magical golden gleam somehow slows down time and flatters your soul with its sheer natural beauty. It's the time for a sundowner drink: an iced Gin Tonic with an amazing view. Especially photographers love this time, when the sun light finally stops to produce high contrasts and sharp shadows.

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Kambaku Picture Diary


Even though it seems ages ago, it was only recently when Marie and her guests had a great encounter with a chameleon on a bush walk :-). This little cham was something special, because it wasn't a green flaped necked chameleon as most of the ones we have around the lodge. Contrary to many rumors, Chameleons cannot camouflage in that way, that they'd completely merge with their surrounding, but just can change their colour e.g. from green to brown. The change of colour takes about 20 seconds and is less used as protection against predators, but rather to communicate with fellows and thermoregulation.

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Kambaku Picture Diary


At Kambaku Wildlife Reserve we have a very diverse variety of animals, including the Blue Wildebeest. These antelopes can, however, be carriers of the foot and mouth desease and need to be kept away from our neighboring cattle farms. We thus have a double fence around the border of the reserve forming a safety corridor. The upside of this is, that there is plenty of grass inbetween the fences that has time for perfect aging without any browsers around – a perfect basis for best hay for our horses. Here, Paulus and his team are clearing the small thorn bushes to make mowing the grass easier.

Kambaku Picture Diary


Mr Tallman

A giraffe's neck may be up to 2.5m long and consists of only 7 vertebrae. Down this gulletgoes some 30kg of leaves, buds, shoots, grass and preferably thorn bush daily. Water is not important to these unique creations; they sometimes manage weeks on end without water.

Video tipp: If you want to see the giraffe family from the picture above in action, visit our Facebook account.


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Kambaku Picture Diary


Evening mood...

It is a very special Kambaku feeling you can experience once the day draws to an end and the herds move to the open plains to feed on the gras, when the sunlight stopped to cast harsh shadows over the land, but nature seems to plunge into a haze ...


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Kambaku Picture Diary


Red Hartebeests

Theses days we hear them quite a lot, the roars and calls of our hartebeests. March and April is mating season for these tough antelopes that actually live in big herds of either males or femals (with youngsters). An adult bull weighs some 150 to 180 kilogrammes with a shoulder height of around 130 cm. Since both sexes carry horns, its hard to distinguish between male or female from a distance. Cows are built slender, as they are just a bit smaller (125 cm ), but weigh a lot less (120-140 kg). Even if these antelopes appear rather clumsy, the can speed up to 80 km/h when on the run.

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Kambaku Picture Diary


Greetings from the garden

Thanks to sufficient rainfall, it is blooming and blossoming everywhere at Kambaku. Even there, where we'd rather wish for less growth. Strong pioneer plants are competing with our young lavender bushes for sunlight and seem to win the battle. So, it's gardening and weeding for today. But lucky us, as we have powerful support from our four-legged friends around :-).


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Kambaku Picture Diary


Species-rich bird life

Our bird life is abundant: 920 bird species are documented in Southern Africa, 658 can be found in Namibia. Kambaku Wildlife Reserve's figures are 192 resident bird species and 37 visiting species. Their beautiful colours and frequent singing is omnipresent when strolling through the bush. Even if you are not a passionate bird-watcher, you hardly can ignore their beauty and not pause for a while to observe and listen to them.

Quiz tipp: At Facebook we just started a bird challenge. Visit our profile an join the guessing game.

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Kambaku Picture Diary


Mungos mungo

They belong to the standard staff of the savannah and if you see one, there are plenty of them: Banded Mongooses. These agile, small predators are higly social creatures that mainly feed on beetles, fruits, eggs and invertebrates. But being courageous and and better in a team, they also hunt down snakes together.

Video tipp: hopp over to our Facebook channel to see a short video of a mongoose family on tour in our Wildlife Reserve.

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Kambaku Picture Diary


Hope, our master of escape

So this is Hope, our cute kiddies pony. When meeting Hope, you would never guess that this good pony is a cheeky rascal and a shrewd master of escape when it comes to paddock time. Whilst our trail horses stay well-behaved within the fences and feed on hay, Hope always finds her way out to get some gras. Let's wait and see how she deals with the new fence that Stefanus and Ericssons built yesterday. We'll keep you posted.

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Kambaku picture diary


Repairing the paddock fences

Our horse riding and wildlife guide, Stefanus and stable assistant, Ericsson were hard at work with maintaining the fence of the horse paddock today. The wires get slack over time due to temperature differences and the horses scratching against it – so it becomes dangerous for for horses and wild game that could get stuck in it. The droppers (fence poles) are made from wood and deteriorate as well. To repair a fence, you have to dismantle the droppers to pull the fence lines tight again. Then you can re-attached the droppers and replaced the broken ones where necessary.

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Kambaku Picture Diary


Jackals – for more than 2 million years in Africa

Did you know that the black-backed jackal is one of the most ancient species of the wolf-like canines with fossils in Southern Africa dating back as far as 2.6 million years ago? The fox-like wilddog are monogamous and the only jackal where the elder offspring help raise the next generation, increasing the survival rate of cubs. To meet this highly vocal and mainly nocturnal species, you should get up early or wait for them after sunset.

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Kambaku picture diary


Blooming and Blossoming everywhere

This season we have been blessed with good rainfall, not only in terms of quantity but also the sequencing. Heavy and continued rain in December and February and each timefollowed by overcast weather allowing the soil to retain water and nutrients which led to excellent grass growth. It truly wonderful to see our animals gaining back strength and vitality and observe the offspring playing in the green and waist-high savannah grass.

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Kambaku picture diary


A virtual Kambaku journey in times of Corona

As said in our letter of interest regarding the global Corona crisis, we want to take you on a virtual journey to our wildlife reserve. Every day we will publish pictures and posts related to our beautyful flora & fauna, our horses and the current projects of the team. You will find photos here on this Newspage, but we invite you also to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get even more input to brighten your days.

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Kambaku Wildlife Reserve


Kambaku in times of the Corona pandemic

Dear guests and partners, like countless others Kambaku is deeply affected by the global Corona crisis. Our hospitality and college businesses are closed and nobody knows when the internationale travel ban will be lifted and live turns back to a sort of "normal" status. With team projects we are trying to make the best out of this difficult situation.

Please take care of yourself and other!
Yours Kambaku team


Adventure Safari Namibia


New Safari Special: Kambaku's Adventure Weeks

Proud to present our new safari deal to all outdoors (wo)men who seek for an adventurous trip to Africa: Kambaku's Adventure Weeks.

Our latest special offers thrilling experiences in the bush savannah, luxury accommodation and wildlife encounters while glamping in the wilderness, criss crossing Etosha National Park and – to crown it all – a special discount!

Check out our new safari deals for nature-lovers and riders:


Kambaku Wildlife College


NEW: Nature Guide Courses at Kambaku (FGASA)

Good news for all wildlife-enthusiasts interested in a second career (or just keen on learning more about the African nature): As from May 2020, you can become a qualified field guide with us.

As first FGASA authorized guide training provider in Namibia, we designed a course, that is conveniently split in four 14-day modules to match your holiday planning.

More about the guide programme:

Kambaku Wildlife Reserve


New: Kambaku Short Film

Impressions from the bush savannah, insights in our wildlife management, fond memories and great expectations – watch our new short film to experience the Kambaku Wildlife Reserve online. We put a lot of love and effort into the clip and would like to thank Alkmini Boura and her team for cour wonderful minutes that comprise the ultimate Kambaku feeling ...

Enjoy watching the movie: click to watch movie
Yours Kambaku team

Kambaku Wildlife Reserve


Our webcam in the bush savannah

A few weeks ago we installed a new camera in the bush. Since then, we receive wonderful photos of animals that stopp by or even look straight into the lense :-). Next to several antelopes and jackals, we were so happy to receive these images of a female leopard with her cup who stopped by for a snapshot during the early morning hours.

If you are interested in photos of Kambaku and our wildlife, please follow us on instragram and facebook:


Kambaku Safari Lodge


Guided trip to Kambaku

Our offer for all travellers who would like to visit Kambaku, but do not find fellows for company or those of you who feel uncomfortable with the long journey to Africa: from June 22 to 29, 2019, we offer a "guided" Kambaku trip with companionship from Frankfurt Int. Airport (or Munich, depending on participants), so no one needs to travel the long way alone. At Kambaku you will enjoy a programm of your choice.

If you are interested, please mail to Anna directly for best support and first-hand information:

Kambaku Hospitality College



to the graduates of the Kambaku Hospitality Colleges on completing the Dual Apprenticeship at the Kambaku Safari Lodge. You did an amazing job! We are certain that the NTA recognizes your achievements and look forward to the final Assessment Results Announcement from NTA in 2019.

All of us, especially your trainers and educators, your fellow students and the entire Kambaku team are proud and already rejoice with you!

Kambaku Safari Lodge


Auszeichnung auf TripAdvisor

Ein herzliches Dankeschön an unsere Gäste, die ihren Aufenthalt in unserer Lodge auf dem Online-Reiseportal TripAdvisor bewertet haben. Dank Ihrer Kritik wurde uns auch für das Jahr 2018 das Certificate of Excellence ausgestellt, worüber wir uns von Herzen freuen!

Wir geben Ihre Kritik grundsätzlich ans gesamte Team weiter. Besonders für unsere Auszubildenden ist Ihr Lob eine tolle Rückmeldung und Motivation für ihren Einsatz. Ihre positiven Erlebnisse machen uns glücklich und stolz!

Vielen Dank im Namen des gesamten Kambaku Teams

Kambaku Safari Lodge


Thank you very much

Wow, once again we are overwhelmed by your support and lovely comments at HolidayCheck. We just received the wonderful news that we are amongst the leading accommodations in Namibia! To our trainees, your guides and also for the rest of us your kind words about Kambaku, the cuisine and the service quality means a lot.


Yours, Kambaku

Kambaku Wildlife Reserve


Firt-Aid-Course for Kambaku Staff

As our guides and key staff attend to and accompany guests of all ages through the wilderness, first aid and survival training are mandatory. For this reason, all our guides, riding guides as well as hospitality and service staff once again underwent a first-aid-course. At Kambaku's new Bush College the team refreshed and practised life-saving first-aid measures in case of medical emergencies and accidents.