Family Safaris

Namibia with children

Long distance trips are always a challenge, more so with children. At Kambaku you’ll find everything you need for a regenerative and variety-rich African vacation.

Kambaku offers you a fascinating, specie-rich eco-system and an extraordinary, cosy lodge with details aimed at guests’ comfort. We focus on family needs such as large rooms, car seats, various games and toys, baby monitors and a nanny service. That’s without counting the kid-friendly wildlife and horse-riding programme, plus the excursions into Namibia aimed at introducing the little ones to African wildlife.

Your dream vacation come true

Guests travelling with young ones will find something for every member of the family in our wildlife program. Horse-lovers can look forward to 25 horses and long outrides into the savannah. Additionally, you find manifold leisure time activies like playground, hiking trails, mountain biking, archery or beach volleyball.


Another option is separately booking bush adventures and outrides into the bush savannah together with tour guides as the fancy takes you.

Family-friendly Safari Lodge

Our cosy lodge is supremely child-friendly. Spacious rooms offer separate areas for children and parents. Kiddie beds and cots, car seats, high chairs and baby monitors are on hand. Trained nannies may be booked per day (€ 150/ full day care, please book in advance). Even our kitchen team are in on the fun of spoiling the children with their dishes of preference and some treats.

At Kambaku child-friendly activities go without saying. Welcome to the shady sand pit with swings and jungle gym, a cupboard full of puzzles and board games as well toys such as Lego, Duplo, Playmobil and more. Older ones may participate in archery, table tennis or volleyball with or without their parents, go out on the mountain bikes or hiking trails over the 60km of marked paths or enjoy some fun in the sun at the pool.

The wildlife program offers unique adventures to children of all ages: Child-friendly game wardens take children game viewing in safari jeeps, on bush walks or play hide-in-the-hide. Also, outrides and riding classes on delightful ponies and horses are all part of the week programme for 4 to 12 year old (surcharge for half day riding program: € 40 per child/person).



Private safari in the Kambaku Camp


Are you open for an unique safari adventure in the bush? For a family holiday with a difference, come to our small, private Safari Camp where we host no more than four guests. Your specially assigned guide accompanies you through the wilderness, showing you the best the bush has to offer.  

Read more about the Kambaku Safari Camp and your private luxury safari with personal guide and service far away in Kambaku's bush savannah:




Relaxed travelling and relaxed vacation

We encourage you to travel with your children directly from Frankfurt to Windhoek. Take a night flight so that, after the first excitement and dinner, you may sleep through to your destination. Breakfast is served on board and after passing through border control our shuttle service will take charge and guide you to our vehicle. The some 4 hours’ drive to Kambaku offers the opportunity to drink in the views along the way or catch up on sleep. Arrival at the lodge is at noon. After a welcoming drink you settle into your rooms. Before you lies a whole afternoon to acquaint yourself and start setting the scene for your adventure.

Travelling Namibia with kids

A great number of our Safari Tours is suitable with children, too. In our opinion family-friendly tours content a high amount of wildlife time, rather short driving distances and child-friendly activities. Please check our family safaris that match with these requirements below.

Last but not least: Namibia is a secure destination for families. There is hardly any time difference to disturb your natural biorhythm. The country is safe and no special vaccinations are needed unless you visit the Zambezi/Caprivi region in the far north east, where malaria protection would be wise. On tour with Kambaku, the young ones will be safe in their car seats.

Family safaris

Travel Namibia with kids


Parents, please consider our tours described to be particularly child-friendly regarding travel times and tour programme. Here you will find a collection of our tours suitable for children.Namibie avec des enfants