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Don’t miss out on anything: With this Bush Mail we want to keep you posted! We’ll inform you free of charge, without any obligations on your part, about our offers, safari specials and new programmes at the Kambaku Wildlife Reserve.

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Our guests know that we are a small but fine establishment. The specials are often booked out even before we can make them public. So, with this Bush Mail we hope to give everyone a fair chance to join in the fun of budget-friendly bookings. By simply joining our mailing list, you may remain informed of our activities and travel offers.

Take note, though: the Bush Mail is not a regular newsletter. It is a service aimed at sharing important information about travel suggestions, new exciting stuff happening and discounted activities with our valued clientele. Should you want to keep in touch with the buzz of Kambaku, rather browse Facebook or the website’s News section.

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We’ll let you know when there are new activities at Kambaku (planned and impromptu). And when you have had enough of us, you need only unsubscribe (see the bottom of every Bush Mail).

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Kambaku‘s "Bush Mail" informs you at no cost via email about interesting offers from the Kambaku Wildlife Reserve. Unlike a newsletter, we send the Bush Mail as and when we have special offers or new activities to share with our guests. General news and photos can be viewed on our website and our Facebook page.

Privacy Notice: We save and use your data for the purposes of sharing our information with a list of customers. To safeguard our systems and to prevent abuse such as fraud, your protocol data, amongst others, will be saved. Such data consists of: the website from where you launch to our website, the encoded IP-address, the date and time of contact, your request, the http-answer code, the amount of data relayed as well as the information about your browser and your system software. You may at any time reverse your agreement and unsubscribe from the Bush Mail by clicking here. The bottom of every Bush Mail also contains the unsubscribe link.