Africa on Horseback

Riding in Namibia

Safari on Horseback – Namibia's best Lodge for Riders


Africa on Horseback

Riding in Namibia

Safari on Horseback – Namibia's best Lodge for Riders

A horseback safari in Namibia is a great adventure for all equestrians. While riding, you become part of nature and have the thrill of experiencing Africa up close: herds of antelopes and zebras grazing in the plains, giraffes plucking leaves from the acacia trees, warthogs, ostriches and many others will greet you on your safari rides through the savannah.

Ride & Relax

Horse Safari in Namibia

KAMBAKU is a rider's paradise.
During your horse riding holiday you will enjoy the comfort of our awarded Safari Lodge**** at the foot of the Waterberg Plateau. Beautiful rooms, delicious food and a garden with a view on a waterhole await you after your adventures in our game reserve


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Guided savannah ride for riders experienced in various paces.





€ 65 per person*  l  € 45 per child*


  • before breakfast in the morning
  • in the afternoon incl. a sundowner drink
  • about 2.5 hours
  • walk, trot, canter (incl. long gallops)
  • maximum 6 riders


*)Prices 2024



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Guided savannah ride for beginners at a relaxed pace. Suitable for children.






€ 65 per person*  l  € 45 per child*


  • before breakfast in the morning
  • in the afternoon incl. a sundowner drink
  • about 2.5 hours
  • slow paces
  • maximum 6 riders


*)Rates 2024

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Improve your riding: dressage work, seat training, lunging, jumping




€ 65 per person*  l  € 45 per child*


  • in the morning or the afternoon
  • about 45 minutes
  • individual training in dressage up to class L, jumping gymnastics, sitting lunge, lunge lessons
  • FN-trainer



Horse safari for beginners

We also guide guests who rarely ride or have had zero experience in the saddle, through the savannah on horseback. We design our beginner safari rides mainly at a gentle walk. They are also suitable for children.

Horse holiday with riding lessons

KAMBAKU'S horses are well trained for adventurous cross-country rides, but they are also good teaching horses in the arena. You can book riding lessons with trainers (FN) in order to progress in dressage work or jumping gymnastics. Lunging lessons for beginners are available. For occasional riders, the lessons offer a good opportunity to gain confidence again by "getting back in the saddle" before setting off on long safari rides.

Horse Management



At KAMBAKU, the horses live species-appropriate in a herd. Through out the days, they have hay available at all time and lots of space to play. During night, they can roam free in the reserve. Every horse gets needs-based concentrates and minerals.

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Every six weeks a farrier visits our horses for a proper hoof treatment and once per year an equine dentist checks their teeth. Of course, vaccinations and de-worming take place regularly. Moreover, all horses regularly meet an equine physiotherapist for treatment and massages.

To keep them healthy and in shape, but also motivated and easy to ride, we focus on a varied training with lungeing and groundwork next to riding sessions in the arena. Pauses also are part of the training plan, as time to recover is essential for physical and mental health. Although we mainly ride in English style, some of our horses also respond well to Western riding aids. 



What is a horse safari?

Naturally, anyone planning a riding safari has questions: what kind of horses are there? At what age can my child go horse riding? Do I need to bring a riding helmet? What clothes should I wear? In our FAQ blog about horse riding holidays at KAMBAKU you will find answers and information about your safari on horseback.


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